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The Interpretation Centre of Coal Mining
Structure of the Centre
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The Interpretation Centre of Coal Mining is composed of a museum complex, composed in turn by:

All of this carried out and managed by the City Council of Barruelo de Santullan. This cultural enclave is a tribute to the main “engine”of the economic and social development of Barruelo.The discovery of “coal deposits” in the year 1838, meant to the Rubagon basin, the main source of wealth, without forgetting that this mineral and fosil fuel gave it an important rail network, a direct link to the railway in the country, which years later became owner-consuming, and our main applicant of our precious treasure.

The geological setting of the basin has let the formation and maintenance at accessible depths of coal deposits along the province from west to east ,providing a wealth of this great product, which is the coal.

The Interpretation Centre of Coal Mining of Barruelo is equipped to support the development of primary education, secondary education, university education and general education in all levels.



Download .pdf (96 Kb.) about The Interpretation Centre of Coal Mining

(Contribution: Fernando Cuevas
Translation: Olga Fernández)

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